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How to find an Accredited Arborist in Calgary

Updated: Apr 5

Arborist in Calgary

We're often surprised that many Calgarians don't realize there are important accreditations that should be considered when choosing an Arborist for your tree services in Calgary. Many landscaping companies have the ability to prune, shape, or cut down trees, but without the accreditations of an independent body like ISA (International Society of Arboriculture), many landscapers are unwittingly causing damage to trees in order to get some unrealistic shape. Other risks include untrained and non-accredited laborers feeling they can do the work, but they can also put themselves into dangerous situations when there is a lack of understanding about how tree limbs fall, where they may fall, tools getting stuck under pressure, or unexpected swinging causing tools to be dropped. A dropped pair of pruners or even a chainsaw can have catastrophic implications including property damage or severe injury including death. At Evergreen LTD, we understand these may be unnerving risks, but we also know many people don't really consider them. Through no fault of their own, many people are simply unaware of the risks and that there is professional certification that can be attained to ensure your arborists are well trained in tree health, pruning and removal practices, and rigid safety protocols.

Certified Arborist

When engaging with an Arborist, we recommend to our clients that they ask anyone offering to do professional tree services to present their ISA Certification credentials. The ISA is an internationally recognized body of board certified arborists. To maintain ISA certification credentials, aspiring arborists must demonstrate continued aptitude through CEU's (Continuing Education Units). These ensure arborists are up to date with current trends in the industry, risks of tree diseases and tree disease spread and mitigation techniques, tree pruning and removal techniques.

Avoid Tree "Topping"

Watch our for "arborists" who recommend "topping" trees, this practice is one of most damaging ways to trim trees and make them a liability to your property, including the risks of your tree ailing, dying, and potentially dropping limbs. Topped trees also lose their natural shape and can look very odd. The practice consists of removing the top of a tree so harshly that no limbs can re-grow from the spot of cutting.

Ask any potential tree service provider if they can explain what ANSI Z133 means, and ask them to provide proof of liability insurance. ANSI Z133 is the safety code that governs ISA certified arborists. Your arborist should be able to explain why they are preforming specific services and the protocols they are following to ensure the task is completed safely. Safety should always be the most important criteria when performing tree services. The risks of arborists falling from trees, contacting power lines, chipper and chainsaw accidents, and more are too great to ignore.

Trust your instincts! If the service provider has not made you feel completely comfortable that they are credible, trained, accredited, and professional, then keep looking! There are many tree service companies that operate without the proper accreditation, and those can cause risks to your trees, property, and loved ones. Ask for references, check Google reviews, Facebook Reviews, and look for a company with a large number of reviews. Take the time to read through and be confident that you are making a great decision for your tree pruning and services. Just as you would not trust a "doctor" who does not have the education and accreditation to work on your body, do not trust an "arborist" who does not have the accreditation to safely work on your trees.

At Evergreen Ltd we are ISA certified Arborists, Master Gardeners, Botanists, Certified Pesticide Applicators, and we pride ourselves on quality, informed, and safe work. Check out our reviews on Google, you won't be disappointed!

Contact us today with any questions you may have, or to engage with us to provide you with a quotation for services. Upon you're approval we can get to work.

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