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Flowerbed Types

What flower bed is best?

Flowerbeds come in many configurations, and it can be overwhelming to try to understand which will perform best for your garden. Wicking flower beds? Raised? In-ground flower beds? Which works the best for the plants you envision in your yard? Which will retain the moisture you need without drowning your plants, and which has a propensity to dry out the easiest? Selecting your flower bed type is key to ensuring your garden's vitality.

We're botanists, we can help.

Our botanists can assist you with your flower bed selections, as we've helped other Calgarians. Often our clients reach out to us when they are confounded by the ailing gardens that they've paid so much attention to, and we understand how frustrating that can be. By starting with the best flowerbed type for your garden, you can avoid and eliminate these frustrations and get straight to enjoying your beautiful garden.

We're standing by for flower bed advice.

Selecting the right flower bed type must incorporate the garden's location on your land, what flowers or plants you want to grow, and must consider the maintenance level you can sustain. Contact us today for a consultation where our expert botanists can work with you to create a plan for your flower bed types, and we'll quote you on any work up front. Upon approval, we'll work with you to create the perfect flower bed. Contact us today.

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Best Reviewed Landscaper Calgary - Everg
Best Reviewed Landscaper Calgary - Everg
Best Reviewed Landscaper Calgary - Everg

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