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Tree Insurance Claims

Do trees have insurance?

If your tree has sustained damage from weather events, a vehicle collission, or for many other reasons, it can be a very distressing feeling. Especially in instances where there has been an incident that damaged or even killed your tree, it can feel unfair, and that you are losing a treasured part of your yard. Trees are often covered by many home insurance policies, so how can you find out?

Home insurance covers trees.

We've worked with many Calgarians to assess tree damage from weather like strong winds, heavy snow, and lightning, or even vehicle collissions and accidents. We understand how distressing it is to have a central piece of your landscape damaged, and the uncertainty of what you can do about it. We've worked with Calgarians to quote and persue insurance claims to get coverage for their services and restore their trees!

Contact us if your tree has been damaged.

Our ISA Certified arborists are highly trained experts, and we provide detailed assessments and uncover reasons that your insurance company may be able to assist you in your tree services costs. If your tree has been damaged and you think it may be covered, contact us today to come offer a consultation. We'll help you build a case to your insurance company that your restoration services should be covered. Call us to book today.

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Best Reviewed Landscaper Calgary - Everg
Best Reviewed Landscaper Calgary - Everg
Best Reviewed Landscaper Calgary - Everg

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