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Tree Disease Treatment

Disease infected trees?

Diseased trees can become distressed trees when they are not treated by properly certified arborists and botanists, and this can lead to concerns about whether trees can survive their diseases. Diseased trees can cause a hazard from dead branches, may take away from the curb appeal of your home or the beauty of your property, and may be contagious to trees around then. Black Knot, Dutch Elm Disease, and others are treatable tree diseases.

Diagnose and treat diseases.

Expert botanists from Evergreen Ltd specialize in diagnosing tree diseases. We understand the concern you may feel for your trees. Ailing and diseased trees may be at risk of requiring removal if not cared for urgently, and the loss of shade and beauty can be extremely disappointing. We save trees! We offer treatments of diseases like black knot, Dutch elm disease, and more, and if caught early, we can save your tree.

Contact our botanist to rescue your tree.

We're available to come to your property to meet with you and observe your ailing tree. If we feel there is treatment available to restore your tree's health, we will diagnose and quote treatment for you so you can approve our work and we can get started. Don't lose the beauty and shade your tree provides to your property. And don't wait until it's too late to treat your tree's disease. Call us today, the tree doctor is in at Evergreen Ltd.

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Best Reviewed Landscaper Calgary - Everg
Best Reviewed Landscaper Calgary - Everg
Best Reviewed Landscaper Calgary - Everg

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