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Watering Services Calgary - Evergreen Lt

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Calgary's storm season can wreak havoc on trees, especially when winds begin gusting at speeds of over 80km per hour. If your trees have sustained damage from wind, you may see branches broken, trees tipped, or fallen branches on your property. While you may be able to handle minor branches, the large ones or any precariously hanging branches need to be safely dealt with by the pros.

Emergency Tree Services

As trees grow and mature, they can start to encroach on neighbor's or city property, begin to look overgrown, and can start to have health issues. Trees that require trimming may need more water, sunlight, and fertilization, and can succumb to malnourishment. Trees in desperate need of pruning can become more vulnerable to weather conditions like wind and heavy snow, causing branches to break. Broken branches cause property damage or injury.

Tree Pruning and Shaping

Trees are a beautiful component of many properties, providing shade, visual interest, and play a part in the eco system. When trees get too old, large, or suffer fatal disease or injury, they can become a problem. Trees in poor health can't stand up to adverse weather like wind and snow. Broken branches can cause property damage or injury. Tree roots can cause problems with foundations or other concrete fixtures. Need to remove your tree?

Tree Removal Services

Trees add shade, beauty, and visual interest to property, and the decision to plant new trees is often and exciting one. But picking the best species for your property's sun exposure, water exposure, and the location of your desired tree may become overwhelming factors in your decision. If the wrong species is placed on your property, you may find your tree becomes malnourished, dried out, or doesn't reach it's growth potential.

Tree Planting Services

Hedges and bushes that are overgrown can create a shabby appearance in your yard, obstruct sidewalks, encroach on neighbor's yards, and can actually out-grow their sustainability, meaning their size may now require more water or nutrients. If your hedges or bushes have begun to sprout longer branches, have lost their shape, or are forcing neighbors to trim them or walk on the street to get around them, you need expert hedge trimming services.

Hedge Trimming and Care

Diseased trees can become distressed trees when they are not treated by properly certified arborists and botanists, and this can lead to concerns about whether trees can survive their diseases. Diseased trees can cause a hazard from dead branches, may take away from the curb appeal of your home or the beauty of your property, and may be contagious to trees around then. Black Knot, Dutch Elm Disease, and others are treatable tree diseases.

Tree Disease Treatment

Insects can overwhelm even the healthiest trees and plants, and can cause an unpleasant experience in your yard. Aphids and leaf miners can destroy leaves that are vital to your tree's photosynthesis, and can overwhelm your yard and ruin your experience. Insects can attract birds and larger pests. If your trees have pests and insect infestations, it's time to rescue them, restore them to health, and restore the comfort of your property.

Tree Insect and Pest Removal

Trees are often overlooked in Calgary for fertilizing, and in this harsh climate they really rely on nutrients to stay strong against inclimate winds and weather, climbing, and other abuse. Pollution can make it difficult for trees to get all the nutrients they need from air, soil, and sunlight, and providing trees with that extra boost may contribute to longer, healthier lives and a fuller, greener canopy.

Tree Kelp Fertilizer

Gardeners need to pay attention to details when planning gardens in Calgary, as our unique weather patterns, climate, and other factors can contribute to success or often failure. Gardens that don't wick water can retain too much water and drown plants. Gardens with too much sun and drainage can dry out. Plants with specific sun requirements must be planted in the right places or risk dying. Are your gardens killing your plants?

Garden Design

Gardens can be a place of oasis and beauty, but often in Calgary they cause frustration when flowers die, dry out, wilt, or drown. Have you checked everything and become frustrated with your garden? If some mysterious force is keeping your garden down, it can be tempting to remove it and sod over. But there is hope! You may be able to restore your garden with the help of certified botanists from Evergreen Ltd.

Garden Restoration

Are you frustrated that your garden is not blooming, doesn’t seem to be thriving, or that your flowers and growth are underwhelming? Depending on the soil's nutrition level you may need to fertilize your garden, and while some chemicals may be a tempting resolution, high concentrations, imbalanced formulas, and made-in-a-lab solutions could make problems worse. Fertilizing with chemicals can cause burning or dehydration.

Garden Kelp Fertilizing

Gardens can be fickle in the best of times, but if you're experiencing problems with plants drying out or not getting enough water, it could be there hasn't been enough rain in Calgary or you've been too busy to make watering a priority. Forgetting to water your plants once in a while can be fixed with some discipline, but if it's becoming difficult to keep track, it can be burden keeping your garden lush and healthy with regular watering.

Garden Watering

Weeds are so annoying! You can have the perfect spot for your garden, the best mix of plants, sunshine exposure, a fertilizing and watering plan, and inevitably, weeds just show up uninvited! Weeds cause all kinds of problems, they steam nutrients, water, and sunlight from your intended plants, causing them to ail and die. Worst of all, some weeds LOOK like flowers- it can be hard to tell what to pull and what to leave.

Garden Weeding

Selecting the right soil for your garden can be a challenging task- there are so many brands, different packaging that markets towards flowers, grass, vegetables, some that have organic nutrients, some with chemicals… how do you get started? Soil selection may seem straightforward if you haven't looked to deep into it, but there is a science behind getting your garden started off right, and soil is a huge factor in your garden's success.

Garden Soil Selection

The garden you're dreaming of is at your fingertips, but selecting the right location for your garden can have its challenges. Should you start with what plants you want? Or start with the garden location? What conditions should you be paying attention to, like sun exposure, rain exposure, and surrounding plants or trees? Do you enjoy gardening as a hobby, or do you need low maintenance? So many questions! Where to start?

Garden Location

Gardens are a ton of fun when you have a green thumb and some time to spend on them, but what about when life gets busy? Or what if you love owning a beautiful garden but just don't have the passion to keep it up all year round? If you've started off with a beautiful garden but over the season you've had trouble keeping up with it, consider a low maintenance garden that is hearty and can thrive in Calgary's unique weather and climate.

Low Maintenance Garden

Flowerbeds come in many configurations, and it can be overwhelming to try to understand which will perform best for your garden. Wicking flower beds? Raised? In-ground flower beds? Which works the best for the plants you envision in your yard? Which will retain the moisture you need without drowning your plants, and which has a propensity to dry out the easiest? Selecting your flower bed type is key to ensuring your garden's vitality.

Flowerbed Types

Beautiful gardens can add beauty, color, and life to any property, yet they can be very difficult to maintain unless you're a passionate gardener with lots of time on your hands. All gardeners need to consider the water exposure of their gardens and ensure the right plants populate them. But how can the right flower bed make your garden watering and maintenance easier? Is there a self watering garden that doesn't get regular rain?

Wicking Flower Beds

Raised flower beds can add beauty, geometry and curb appeal to your yard, but they can be a challenge to plan and install. Raised beds can be constructed from wood, aluminum, or pre-cast stone to match the aesthetics you are interested in, but you may need a landscape designer to help you with estimating materials, levelling garden walls, and creating the look you want. Raised beds tend to lose water quickly, and can be difficult to maintain.

Raised Flower Beds

In ground, or traditional flower beds are one of the simplest garden beds you can use. They use the soil in your existing yard, which can be exposed easily be removing grass covering. While these are one of the easiest gardens to get started with, they do struggle to thaw in the spring and can freeze over easily in Calgary's harsh winters. When your garden is frozen longer, your planting season is shorter.

Ground Flower Beds

Snow removal for condominiums and multi-family residences in Calgary have their challenges, and many snow removal service companies have trouble keeping up. Snow removal is important in minimizing and eliminating slip and fall hazards which can cause liability. Snow that has not been removed can also contribute to access problems. Slow response and short cut services can be infuriating for residents who just want the snow gone!

Multi-Family Snow Removal

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