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Tree Pruning, Shaping, Removal, Care
Watering Services Calgary - Evergreen Lt

Tree Pruning, Shaping, Removal

Watering Services Calgary - Evergreen Lt

Tree Watering

Watering Services Calgary - Evergreen Lt

Organic Kelp Tree Fertilization

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Calgary's storm season can wreak havoc on trees, especially when winds begin gusting at speeds of over 80km per hour. If your trees have sustained damage from wind, you may see branches broken, trees tipped, or fallen branches on your property. While you may be able to handle minor branches, the large ones or any precariously hanging branches need to be safely dealt with by the pros.

Emergency Tree Services

As trees grow and mature, they can start to encroach on neighbor's or city property, begin to look overgrown, and can start to have health issues. Trees that require trimming may need more water, sunlight, and fertilization, and can succumb to malnourishment. Trees in desperate need of pruning can become more vulnerable to weather conditions like wind and heavy snow, causing branches to break. Broken branches cause property damage or injury.

Tree Pruning and Shaping

Trees are a beautiful component of many properties, providing shade, visual interest, and play a part in the eco system. When trees get too old, large, or suffer fatal disease or injury, they can become a problem. Trees in poor health can't stand up to adverse weather like wind and snow. Broken branches can cause property damage or injury. Tree roots can cause problems with foundations or other concrete fixtures. Need to remove your tree?

Tree Removal Services

Stumps can be the most challenging part of tree removal, requiring specialized tools and strict safety protocols. It may be tempting to handle a stump using outdated techniques such as poisoning or burning a stump, or digging it out manually. This can be bad for surrounding plants, very smokey, or back breaking work. Those techniques often end with the stump remaining to die and rot, a burnt and damaged yard, or with exhaustion and giving up.

Stump Grinding Services

Trees add shade, beauty, and visual interest to property, and the decision to plant new trees is often and exciting one. But picking the best species for your property's sun exposure, water exposure, and the location of your desired tree may become overwhelming factors in your decision. If the wrong species is placed on your property, you may find your tree becomes malnourished, dried out, or doesn't reach it's growth potential.

Tree Planting Services

Hedges and bushes that are overgrown can create a shabby appearance in your yard, obstruct sidewalks, encroach on neighbor's yards, and can actually out-grow their sustainability, meaning their size may now require more water or nutrients. If your hedges or bushes have begun to sprout longer branches, have lost their shape, or are forcing neighbors to trim them or walk on the street to get around them, you need expert hedge trimming services.

Hedge Trimming and Care

Diseased trees can become distressed trees when they are not treated by properly certified arborists and botanists, and this can lead to concerns about whether trees can survive their diseases. Diseased trees can cause a hazard from dead branches, may take away from the curb appeal of your home or the beauty of your property, and may be contagious to trees around then. Black Knot, Dutch Elm Disease, and others are treatable tree diseases.

Tree Disease Treatment

Insects can overwhelm even the healthiest trees and plants, and can cause an unpleasant experience in your yard. Aphids and leaf miners can destroy leaves that are vital to your tree's photosynthesis, and can overwhelm your yard and ruin your experience. Insects can attract birds and larger pests. If your trees have pests and insect infestations, it's time to rescue them, restore them to health, and restore the comfort of your property.

Tree Insect and Pest Removal

Trees are often overlooked in Calgary for fertilizing, and in this harsh climate they really rely on nutrients to stay strong against inclimate winds and weather, climbing, and other abuse. Pollution can make it difficult for trees to get all the nutrients they need from air, soil, and sunlight, and providing trees with that extra boost may contribute to longer, healthier lives and a fuller, greener canopy.

Tree Kelp Fertilizer

Trees that are bending to one side, have branches and limbs sagging under their own weight, or appear to be losing their shape may cause you to worry about their overall health. Tree branches that are hanging low may be a symptom that your tree is in distress from disease, malnourishment, damage, or that the tree requires some pruning so limbs don't break and fall on property or cause injuries.

Tree Cabling and Bracing

If your tree has sustained damage from weather events, a vehicle collission, or for many other reasons, it can be a very distressing feeling. Especially in instances where there has been an incident that damaged or even killed your tree, it can feel unfair, and that you are losing a treasured part of your yard. Trees are often covered by many home insurance policies, so how can you find out?

Tree Insurance Claims

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