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Watering Services Calgary - Evergreen Lt

Lawn Mowing & Edging

Watering Services Calgary - Evergreen Lt

Grass Watering

Watering Services Calgary - Evergreen Lt

Organic Kelp Grass Fertilization

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Lush, healthy and green grass can be the envy of any yard, however usually the healthiest grass poses one problem: it grows QUICKLY! So while you might love having a lush yard that's barefoot friendly, it can be difficult to keep up that golf-green standard you might have envisioned in your head. Grass cutting can get away from anyone with a bust lifestyle, and an unkempt yard with rough edges and a bed-head lawn can be frustrating.

Grass and Lawn Cutting

A healthy, well-fed lawn is a point of pride for many Calgarians, but so much goes into the health of Calgary's grass. Do you know how long the soil has been providing nutrients to your grass? Have you added soil regularly? Are you experiencing seemingly random patches without grass? Or have you been burnt by chemical fertilizers in the past? How do you select the best fertilizer for your grass's needs?

Grass Kelp Fertilizing

Just moved in to a brand new home? Or have you had it with the lawn you've inherited or had for years? Sometimes the best thing to do is get some fresh sod laid in your yard, but it's not as simple as rolling out the green carpet. Turf removal can be heavy work. Starting with a new yard can have unlevel soil, creating bumps or divots. Estimating the sod you might need and ensuring the seams between the sod fill can be tough work.

Sod Laying Services

Lawns that are covered in weeds can be challenging to come back from. It's not just your lawn either, weeds are contagious, and your neighbors might want to protect their lawn from your weed infested jungle! When you do find dandelions, crab grass, or other plants that aren't grass, it can be a real headache to deal with; Especially if you have flowers or other plants you don't want to kill with weed killers.

Grass Weed Removal

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