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How do arborists plan the direction in which a tree will fall during cutting or removal?

Planning and executing tree removal is no small task. Without the expertise of professional ISA Certified Arborists, you risk significant property damage, personal injury, and environmental harm. At Evergreen LTD, we emphasize the importance of proper tree removal techniques to ensure safety and precision. Here’s why hiring certified professionals matters and how we handle the process.

Assessing the Tree and Environment

  • Tree Health Assessment: Arborists in Calgary begin by examining the tree for health issues and structural integrity. These factors influence the tree's stability and the direction it will fall.

  • Tree Felling Obstacles Assessment: Evaluating the area around the tree is crucial. We identify potential obstacles such as buildings, power lines, other trees, and public areas that need protection during the felling process. Ignoring these considerations can lead to catastrophic accidents.

Determining the Fall Zone

  • Tree Fall Zone Assessment: Arborists measure the tree's height and identify its natural lean. Tools like the "ax-handle trick" help predict the fall path accurately. Without this step, the tree might fall unpredictably, causing extensive damage.

  • Arborist Escape Routes: We clear multiple escape routes at 45-degree angles from the intended fall direction. These routes are crucial for quick and safe egress if things don’t go as planned. Non-certified workers might overlook this, leading to dangerous situations.

Notch Cut Technique

Precision Cutting Techniques

  • Notch Cut: The first cut, known as the notch cut, is made on the side facing the desired fall direction. This cut forms a wedge that guides the tree’s fall. Types of notches include conventional, Humboldt, and open-faced, each suited for different tree sizes and conditions.

  • Back Cut: The back cut is made on the opposite side of the notch, slightly above it, to release the tree and control its fall direction. The timing and depth of this cut are crucial. Without proper technique, the tree can fall unpredictably, endangering lives and property.

Utilizing Mechanical Aids

  • Using Wedges in Tree Felling: Wedges prevent the tree from settling back onto the saw and help direct the fall.

  • Using Ropes in Tree Removal: Ropes and pulling systems, such as winches, provide added control, especially for large or leaning trees near structures. These tools are essential for a controlled fall.

Tree Removal Safety Protocols

  • Importance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in Tree Removal: Arborists use PPE including helmets, eye and ear protection, chainsaw chaps, and sturdy boots. These protections guard against various hazards during tree removal. Non-certified workers often skip these essentials, risking serious injury.

  • Arborist Team Coordination: Effective communication and coordination among team members ensure safety and smooth execution of the felling plan. Without this, the operation can become chaotic and dangerous.

Execution and Monitoring

  • Continuous Observation: Arborists monitor the tree’s response to each cut, adjusting techniques as necessary to maintain control. They listen for cracking sounds or observe shifts in the tree's position, which may indicate the need for immediate adjustments. This vigilance is key to preventing accidents.

  • Tree Felling Contingency Plans: We prepare for unexpected events with contingency plans, such as additional ropes or equipment, to correct the tree’s fall direction if it starts to deviate. Non-certified individuals often lack these backup strategies, increasing the risk of mishaps.

Why Hire ISA Certified Arborists?

Hiring ISA Certified Arborists in Calgary, like those at Evergreen LTD, ensures your tree removal is handled with the highest standards of safety and professionalism. Our certified experts adhere to industry standards and use advanced techniques to protect your property and ensure the health and longevity of your trees.

Don’t risk the safety and beauty of your property. Contact Evergreen LTD for professional tree removal services in Calgary. Schedule a consultation today and let us handle your tree care needs with expertise and precision.

Ensuring Safe and Professional Tree Removal with Evergreen LTD

Tree removal is a complex process that demands professional expertise. By choosing Evergreen LTD’s ISA Certified Arborists, you ensure that every step—from tree health assessment to execution—is handled with care, precision, and safety. Protect your property and enjoy peace of mind knowing your trees are in expert hands.

Contact us now to schedule your tree removal consultation and ensure the safety and health of your property with Evergreen LTD’s professional tree care services.

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