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8 Signs your Calgary Tree Needs Urgent Care - or Must Be Removed: from Evergreen LTD

In Calgary's diverse climate, trees, whether in urban yards or sprawling acreages, can encounter a variety of health problems. Recognizing these issues early on is crucial to providing the necessary care or deciding when it's time for a tree to be removed. This guide walks you through common tree problems, their signs, causes, and effective treatments.

If you're seeing signs of these symptoms, it's important to contact an ISA Certified Arborist like Evergreen LTD immediately to rescue or remove the tree. If left to worsen, the integrity of the tree's trunk and branches may be compromised, leading the the risk of branches, or the entire tree, falling on people or property.

Discoloration of Bark, Branches, or Leaves

Discoloration can be a sign of diseases like bronze leaf disease, which specifically affects certain types of poplar and aspen trees. It manifests as orange or reddish-brown discoloration starting on the outer edges of leaves and moving inwards. Early detection is crucial, and affected portions of the tree may need to be removed​.

Sap Leaking Down the Trunk

Leaking sap can be indicative of canker diseases, caused by fungal or bacterial pathogens. These diseases can lead to the death of branches or even the whole tree if not managed. Treatment involves careful pruning of affected areas and sterilization of tools to prevent spread. It's essential to work with dry bark and seek professional advice for trunk cankers.

Lack of Growth Near Top

This could be a sign of "dieback," which can result from various factors including diseases, pests, and environmental stress. Dieback typically starts at the tips of branches and moves inward. Early intervention may save the tree, depending on the underlying cause​.

Wasps Congregating Around the Foliage

Wasps may be attracted to trees due to aphid infestations or the presence of sap, which can indicate other health issues in the tree.

Holes or Cavities in Trunk

These can be caused by fungal diseases or pests like bark beetles, leading to structural damage. Trees with significant damage or cavities may need to be assessed by professionals to determine the best course of action, including possible removal if the tree poses a safety risk​​.

Brittle Branches

Brittleness, especially if branches break easily, might be indicative of brown rot or other types of decay affecting the tree's structural integrity. Regular inspection for signs of breakage is advised as it can be an early sign of disease.

Excessive Needle Drop

Needle drop in conifers can be a symptom of several conditions, including fungal diseases like brown rot, which specifically affects conifers, making needles drop excessively​​.

Curled or Browning of Leaves in the Summer

Leaf curl is a fungal disease that results in deformed, discolored leaves that may fall off. Treatment involves dormant season spraying with copper or sulfur-based fungicides. While peach trees were specifically mentioned, similar principles may apply to other trees experiencing these symptoms​.

Your trees are vital to your property's ecosystem and aesthetic. Recognizing these signs of distress is the first step toward maintaining their health and beauty. If you notice any of these issues, it's essential to consult with a tree care professional like Evergreen LTD who can offer a precise diagnosis and tailored treatment options. Remember, the well-being of your trees is crucial for a thriving outdoor space.

Act Now: Don't wait for minor issues to become major problems. If your trees are showing any of these signs, contact Evergreen LTD today to ensure they remain a vibrant part of your Calgary home or acreage.

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