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What time of year in Calgary should you prune trees?

Updated: Apr 5

If your trees appear a little unruly or are beginning to crowd your neighbors, street, or a sidewalk, it can be tempting to bust out the pruners and get to work- but it's important to consider the impact your actions may have on the health of your tree.

Tree Growth

Throughout the year, your tree will enter various growth stages that are okay for pruning, and some stages that are harmful. So when is the best time?

To avoid branches breaking from weak attachment points and to allow proper sealing of wounds from pruning cuts, trees should be pruned in the mid to late summer. This will minimize branches falling on your house, vehicles, or endangering children or pets.

Though it may seem intuitive to get your yard ready for Spring, pruning should be AVOIDED from April- early June as plants are using their resources to create leaves for photosynthesis. Removing branches at this time is counter-productive and can significantly stress the tree and lead to infection.

Avoid pruning from September through the fall, as the tree is preparing to go dormant or to hibernate in simpler terms. Pruning cuts made at this time may adversely damage the tree if not completed correctly.

Not sure about when or how to prune your tree for optimal health and beauty? Contact the Arborists at Evergreen to get your trees on a pruning schedule so your trees are lush, shapely, and most importantly - you don't damage or endanger property or family members!

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