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What does tree pruning or removal cost in Calgary?

Updated: Apr 5

We seem to get lots of questions surrounding the costs of tree pruning, removal, and care- and it's not surprising that Calgarians ask us... nobody seems to want to publish the cost of these services. So why is that?

tree pruning

The cost of tree pruning and removal in Calgary (and area) really depends on a number of factors, but the most prominent are:

  • Size and type of tree

  • Property surrounding the tree

  • Safety conditions of the job

The size and type of tree are big factors for considering the cost of tree removal or pruning in Calgary for obvious reasons. The size of tree will determine how long the Evergreen Lawn Services crew needs to be at the job. We work really hard to ensure the most efficient strategies and tools are used to save on this cost, but it certainly still is a factor. A large fir tree has many more branches, meaning millions of pine needles and cones, as well as a big clean up at the end. Often a mature (20+ year old tree) will take a full day of work to remove. For a home owner, the disposal can take multiple trips to a dump or landfill- whereas Evergreen Lawn Services has large trucks and chippers to take fewer trips- often one, saving time and money. A smaller apple tree for example, may take only a couple hours for complete removal including disposal. Evergreen Lawn Services works with Calgarians to ensure the job is done quickly, that trees are disposed of responsibly, and that your property is ready for the next steps- like sodding over the tree area. We can take the job straight through to sodding or planting a garden over where the tree was! Just ask our experts for a complete quote for your vision.

tree pruning in Calgary

Property surrounding the tree can be one of the most nerve wracking considerations for removing or pruning any size tree in Calgary, and the more complex locations can mean more strategic planning and ensuring that all property- yours or your neighbor's, is protected. That planning and sometimes special techniques will, in part, contribute to the cost of tree removal or pruning in Calgary. A tree wedged tightly between two homes for example needs proper rigging and an appropriate drop zone to fall without damaging roofs, windows, or siding. Branches to be removed that hover over the neighbor's vehicles or gardens need to fall just right. Stump grinding creates a lot of flying debris as well, so it's important to understand where that debris will fly and to protect near by windows and property.

Safety is of the highest priority for Evergreen Lawn Services- it's an important aspect of all our services, and again complex jobs that have safety considerations will have some extra planning and time associated with them that can impact the cost of tree removal or pruning in Calgary. For example, trees that are multiple stories high require rope access technicians that are professionally certified to ensure they are harnessed correctly to protect from falls. A trained, expert arborist will inspect each branch to consider which way it will fall, and ensure it does so safely- never cut a branch from below for obvious reasons, but you also want to ensure the operation of power tools is done safely. Cutting a branch from below with a chainsaw can cause the saw to become wedged from the weight of the branch. Wedged tools in at-height conditions can be challenging to remove safely. The experts at Evergreen Lawn Care LTD have all the experience and training to remove trees safely to ensure the safety of our team, any bystanders, and pets during the entire process.

Tree removal and pruning costs in Calgary will vary depending on each individual project. Evergreen Lawn Services promises to offer fair, competitive quotes on the safest, most efficient and professional pruning, removal, and disposal of your trees. We offer no obligation quotes, and we'll work hard to answer any questions you might have.

Contact us today for a free quote or with any questions.

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