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Why is bark falling off my tree?

Updated: Apr 6

falling off my tree

Trees with bark coming loose or falling from them may not look as pretty as they did, but this can also be a sign that your tree is in distress. It is an indicator that your tree is having health issues with its bark.

Believe it or not, bark can become dry, loose, and ultimately dried out from sun damage. Sun in Calgary is prevalent in all four seasons, but especially in winter there is a phenomenon where sunshine can be reflected off of snow fall on the ground. This reflection may be impacted by refraction as well, focusing the sun's rays in a way that creates a magnifying glass effect, throwing too much light and heat at your tree's trunk. The result can lightly burn or damage your tree's bark, which is vital to your tree's ability to protect itself and stay healthy.

Calgary Tree that are most susceptible to bark problems are trees with smooth bark, such as Mountain Ash, Aspens, Amur Cherry, and Birch trees.

We understand your concern about your tree's health. We've worked with hundreds of Calgarians who have had similar concerns, and our priority is to protect and restore trees to health by helping you protect their bark from damaging weather elements. As ISA certified Arborists and Botanists, we're uniquely qualified to assist you with your trees, and we can offer an initial assessment to help you understand the issues your tree is facing, and offer advice and services to help you help your trees.

One of our protection strategies may be to protect your tree's trunk with a reflective covering. This protective and reflective covering provides similar shielding to how sunglasses protect our eyes. This coating bounces harmful sun rays away from tree's bark, allowing it to retain moisture and nutrition, protect the tree, and contribute to overall tree health. If your trees are experiencing bark loss, loose bark, or any other ailments that concern you, contact Evergreen Ltd. We provide assessments, consultations, and up-front quotations so you have confidence and control over your path forward. Upon your approval, we can get to work protecting your trees and restoring their health.

Contact us today to get started.

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