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How to Plant a Tree in Calgary: Step-by-Step Guide for Healthy Growth

Planting a tree takes more than simply digging a hole and dropping in a sapling. In Calgary's unique climate, it requires careful planning and precise steps to ensure the tree's healthy growth and long-term survival. Here’s a comprehensive guide to planting a tree in Calgary, and if you feel a little overwhelmed by the process, we invite you to contact our team at Evergreen LTD to help you make the process hassle-free with professional tree planting services.

Amur Cherry Tree

Select a Suitable Tree

Choosing the right tree species is crucial. In Calgary, trees like Colorado Blue Spruce, Ohio Buckeye, and Evans Cherry are well-suited to the climate. Nobility White Ash, Amur Maple, and Larch are also excellent choices. These trees are not only resilient but also enhance the local landscape.


  • Locate Utilities: Before you start digging, contact local utility services to mark any underground lines. This step is essential to avoid damaging utilities and ensuring safety.

  • Inspect the Tree: Check for healthy roots and top growth. Look out for signs of pests or diseases. For bare-root trees, ensure the roots are well-developed and not dried out.

Planting Site and Hole

  • Digging the Hole: The hole should be two to three times the diameter of the root ball but no deeper. This size allows the roots to spread easily. Roughen the sides and bottom of the hole to help roots penetrate the surrounding soil.

  • Placement: Place the tree in the hole so the trunk flare is slightly above ground level. Ensure the tree is straight by viewing it from multiple angles.

Backfilling and Watering

  • Backfill: Use the soil removed from the hole to backfill around the root ball, firming it gently to remove air pockets. Create a watering well with any leftover soil to direct water towards the roots.

  • Watering: Water the tree thoroughly after planting. Maintain regular watering, especially during the first two years. It’s crucial to keep the soil moist without overwatering.

Staking and Mulching

  • Staking: If necessary, stake the tree using flexible ties to prevent trunk damage. Generally, stakes can be removed after the first year as the tree establishes itself.

  • Mulching: Apply a 2-4 inch layer of organic mulch around the tree base, keeping it away from the trunk to prevent rot. Mulch helps retain moisture, moderate soil temperature, and reduce weeds.

Ongoing Care

  • Fertilizing: Fertilize young trees in early spring or fall with a balanced fertilizer if needed. Mature trees typically do not require regular fertilization.

  • Pruning: Only prune damaged or dead branches during the first year. Avoid heavy pruning during the initial establishment period to allow the tree to focus on growth.

Why Consider Evergreen LTD?

Planting a tree might seem straightforward, but the details matter. Ensuring your tree thrives in Calgary's environment can be a meticulous task. Evergreen LTD’s ISA Certified arborists can handle everything for you—from selecting the right tree species to ongoing care and maintenance. Our expertise ensures your tree gets the best start and continues to flourish for years to come.

Ready to plant a tree but want to make sure it’s done right? Contact Evergreen LTD today to schedule a consultation. Let our experts take care of all the details, ensuring your new tree is planted perfectly and primed for healthy growth. Don’t leave it to chance—trust the professionals to enhance your landscape with ease.

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